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Northern California Coast

May 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Northern California has a beautiful, rugged coastline.  Rocky cliffs dive into the ocean.  The surf crashes into huge, craggy boulders. Towering redwoods dominate the skyline.  It is a largely rural, uncluttered area. We mostly drove on highway 101 with some side trips to see some spectacular scenery.  To see my favorite pictures of the northern California coast, please visit the California section of my website, wavetailart.com.

Enderts Beach

Enderts Beach, California, USAEnderts Beach, California, USArugged northern California coastline

High Bluff Overlook

High Bluff Overlook, California, USAHigh Bluff Overlook, California, USArugged northern California coastline from High Bluff Overlook

Point Saint George

Point St. George, California, USAPoint St. George, California, USAsea cliffs at Point Saint George, California


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